Spillwords and Prayers

Spillwords have kindly published my poem “Anti-Viral” … which didn’t go viral here!

Please visit their site to rate my poem
as your encouragement and support would be gratefully appreciated? 

Seems I have had peace poems published on line previously
but it took me eighteen months to find out …

and PRAYERS please for my dear friend Natalie, a sincere bright thirty something who has endured two lots of breast cancer treatment who has now found that she has a brain tumour!  Totally not fair so prayers please that she gets the best possible outcome as the ongoing battle is exhausting her.


  1. Congratulations dear Kate and may more poems of yours keep coming, you are an amazing writer. Prayers and blessings from the beloved God to your friend and may he give her strength that she requires at this time. All will go perfectly, just tell her to be positive and accept what is happening and to keep on telling herself that all will be good with me and I love myself each and every moment and I am going to be healthy and perfect and love each and every single part of her body.

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  2. Oh, no! I am so very sad to hear about Natalie! 😦 I will send prayers, best wishes, and healing thoughts her way. Please let her know that people care about her. And I send her (((HUGS)))

    We have a friend who is a brain cancer survivor and he is doing very well! Even went back to work full-time. So we must never give up hope!

    Congratulations, Kate! I’m so excited for you! I am not surprised your poem was chosen! I hope many many many people get to read it! 🙂 So many of your poems are so powerful and the messages in your poems are important!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. congratulations Kate!

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she knows how much you care about her to mention it here. She will be in my thoughts. do tell her she is very brave to fight this. she has a beautiful spirit that shines through all her pain.

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  4. Congratulations dear Kate on your poem being featured.I read and rated it.I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Natalie hope she gets the strength to get through his and get her the best outcome possible. Sending love and prayers her way.

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  5. Kate, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, Natalie. Life just isn’t fair in what it dishes out sometimes. Here’s wishing for a positive result and answers to all your prayers.
    Congratulations on having your poem published. It’s a good one, as I have previously commented. I added to the ratings over there.

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  6. Sending positive thoughts to Natalie.

    Cheers to you! I always feel good when I get a poem published in my newspapers magazine … but I can only submit there four times a year. Checking out the link…

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  7. Firstly, congratulations on your poem Kate. I just read it, it’s very powerful. And secondly, I’m so very sorry for Natalie, so very cruel and unfair. Sending prayers, strength and love her way. 🙏

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