Be Safe

Driving at the wheel

means you are responsible

for your own life

and others!

All those pedestrians

and kids going to school

families on an outing


So please don’t be a fool!


Buckle your seat belt

Put your device down

and never ever drive intoxicated

Concentrate fully

Don’t be distracted

It only takes one second

for many lives to be fractured


So please don’t be a fool!


When others are idiots

calm your rage

Blow them a kiss

to watch them disengage

Don’t follow too close

or you could become a ghost

Be courteous on the road


Please never be a fool!

thanks to Sameer for the inspiration for this one!


  1. This is just timely kate..especially here in our country…we have so many reckless drivers on the road….innocent people are being killled everyday because of them….we even have here a notorious bus company with equally notorious drivers who had history of deliberately killing someone if they happen to slightly bump them on the road…they are also known for overspeeding causing multiple car crash on the road…thank goodness recently (after so many accidents involving this bus comp) our local transportation department has issued a speed limit to them..

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  2. This post must be shared with all the drivers in the city of Bangalore! Although nicknamed Garden City, I think it’s rather a city for no pedestrians. You should see the reckless driving here! Accidents galore. And honking for no reason at all comes natural to them! If only I could force some sense into their thick heads!

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  3. Considering all the opportunity for tragedy in traffic, it is amazing that more people are not involved in pile-ups. The angel’s traffic control platoon surely are efficient! 😀 Nice piece of writing.

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  4. Right on, Kate! and a very important message! It’s scary how many people are on their phones while driving! I won’t do that and I won’t let anyone else do that if I have to be in their car!

    Some people always race around me on the highway because I won’t speed. Next time one does that…I’m gonna’ blow them a kiss! 😉 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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