No, this is not about a baby’s pram-cart
nor a salesperson vying for big bucks
not even an illegal drug dealer trying his luck
it’s about billions of dollars of profits for a start,

About controlled business without any heart!
The worlds richest ‘pushers’ of legal drugs!
Through professionals who get paid in kind
Such as meals and perks that would really blow your mind!

They pretend to look after your health
Whilst stealing your wealth
Through hidden health costs and monopolies
and you also pay this drug dealer his fee!

We, the general public seem apathetic
to their blatant lack of ethics!
Victimize vitamins and alternative remedies
Why aren’t these on our health benefits?

Wont anyone look at the monopoly they have?
We blithely accept bad side-effects and prices
look about for alternatives to give them the slice
as they put our lives at risk, rolling the dice.

Please check brand names and contents
Make doctors, chemists declare all fringe benefits!
Many die from complications, consequences!
Make them responsible for what they do/don’t sell

Know that they control the research and prices
Should our government try to control it?
So next time you visit your surgery or chemist
Know that you will be prescribed drugs … wipe your eyes of the mist

ccc 14.7.05