Love is a term that we often abuse
Let’s look at it now to keep us amused?
Love songs always sell well
Sometimes our partners we do tell.

I love my parents dearly;
A stream bubbling by clearly
I love a coffee, frothy and hot;
A new-born baby asleep in their cot.

I love a woolly new lamb
And blueberry jam.
I love the wind in my hair,
and responding to a cheeky dare!

I love the sunrises pink streaks
And all those Kathmandu freaks
I love a good read
And a sweet spicy feed.

But how many of us know
How to deeply love ourselves so?
Sure we eat, sleep and care for this body
Some more than others care for their health.

But how many of us understand our inner wealth?
That we are okay,
Loved ones will stay
Even if we unwind.

Can we look inside and accept what we find?
All our dark bits we’re too scared to share.
Lets face and embrace them with gentle care
We are so precious, love yourself if you dare!

ccc 2005


  1. That’s lovely. I’m not a poem-y person at all, but I did read this. How long does it take you to write a poem like this, and did you change it a lot as you went along?

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  2. […] thing that can happen to anyone. Don’t let anyone deride or make light of it to you. There are many types of love but two main kinds.  One is a selfish, grasping, possessive kind which is quite self-absorbed, […]


  3. Love oneself! Accept the faults that you have! This is beautiful Kate!
    And couple the poem with my song for this morning, ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’ by Snow Patrol, it’s magic.

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  4. Kate, again you get me thinking. All this while I was of the opinion that accepting another with all their faults was the most difficult part. But as I read your lines, I feel loving oneself with all those darkness within is the most difficult part and the first step to actually begin🤔🤔. Each day your posts question me and that is quiet awakening. Thank you 😊😊

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  5. When you fall in love, your cheeks flush, your heart beats faster, your palms are sweaty and your head starts spinning. This is all thanks to a rush of chemicals and hormones that flood your brain and body when you fall in love. This leaves you with feelings of euphoria similar to an endorphin-induced “runner’s high. IS THAT SOMETHING LIKE THIS ????

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    • lol you will find out that both the rush and the lust are fleeting … I’m talking about deep real love that makes your heart serene …. it’s lasting 🙂


  6. It’s interesting this – many of us can’t face ourselves and accept who we are and yet we still struggle to survive and the question is why? What are we looking for in life – I know it’s not to pay bills and then die so why don’t we love ourselves more?

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  7. Love is the what we often abuse, knowing and unknowingly. And this post of yours is thought provoking, and selflove is the utmost form of love I must say, because one with self love will surely understand what love entails

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