A quaint green fountain can be found
floating above the fairies garden mound
definitely not planted in the ground

It is actually a real font of truth!
Not the age-old myth about the elixir of youth
It appears to believers by magic

Most big people think they want to live forever
but fairies and children know that can’t be
Drink from this fountain and all you will see

It sees far beyond fear
shows that our expectations are queer
reveals logic near and clear

Life is so much easier
once we sip from this fountain
hardship and hassles seem less of a mountain

Coz fairies and children don’t need confusion
we all make better choices in life when delusion
is shattered and known without unrealistic intrusion

So best to see reality in the raw
helps to understand that life is not a chore
that we all have resilience as our core

We don’t need anything more
Emotions can be riddled with flaw
Know reality and you can soar!

This fountain is in the Nowra Showgrounds, NSW


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