Far too many years I travelled here and there
fascinated by different cultures and faire
I mingled and met
colorful characters and the odd pet

Yet experience indicates that external conditions
don’t necessarily improve our own dispositions
True happiness and satisfaction come from deep within
Not stopping to reflect is a real sin …

So travel the world
but beware what may be unfurled
Connect with your inner wealth
it’s the key to resilience and real health!

Worldly matters are just another distraction
splintering and causing internal infraction
Pause a moment, quiet your mind
peace, calm and satisfaction you can find!

For the real journey is to know our selves
to find purpose and meaning in life
mindful that we don’t cause others strife.
Be aware to have kind interactions

For this inner odyssey we don’t need funds
visas, passports or planes
luggage, buses or trains
Join me if you dare on this powerful self-exploration!

poetry| 101 | rehab | odyssey

Daily Prompt:  Pause