If most of us could contain our greed
Maybe so many would not be in need?
If we could show our care
by always being ready to share?

Please be aware to share your wealth,
research shows its good for our health!
“Wealth” means time, money or expertise,
we all have some to varying degrees.

Try putting others first,
Stems our greedy thirst!
Accumulates good merit
Happiness we will inherit.

Look poverty in the eye
it’s your choice if you really try
What worthy cause could you support?
How much can you give without contort?

A real giving heart
ensures genuine kindness will impart.
Begin with those nearby.
Acts of kindness can invoke a high.

Promptly return that phone call;
Take Gran to the shopping mall;
Buy the kids an ice-cream cone;
Help renovate a friend’s home.

Share your artistic flare;
Spoil others if you dare.
If we truly open our heart
Self-respect will impart!

ccc 26.3.06


  1. Unfortunately, it seems, from experience, that those who have the most share the less… Often, the people who share the most are those who don’t have much to give out. But I guess they just know better how every little gesture can make a huge difference to others… Or maybe I’m just wrong, lol Great piece, Kate 🙂 xx

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  2. Excellent! Such important and very wise advice!
    We should care about others like that mama bird in the photo cares for her babies. We know for a fact she would know if one of them was missing, or hurting, or in danger. And she’d do what needs to be done. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • we are all totally interrelated, totally agree with that 🙂
      Yes I imagine greed might stem from separatist attitudes … generosity arises when we realise we are ONE 🙂
      I prefer to focus on positive outcome 🙂


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