Chaste Case

The old bus with no windows slowly wound it’s way up the twisty steep Himalayan road with barely enough space for traffic to pass. The journey was hot, dusty and arduous.

Our luggage had been tossed up with the market produce and locals who all rode on the roof. Well aware that we were overloaded and listing didn’t instil confidence.

Watching in disbelief I saw my suitcase fall from above to tumble down the mountainside. So I had no choice but to disembark and follow the windy road back to where I could see my case laying far below.

Carrot Ranch Challenge: July 26, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about what happens next to a stranded suitcase. Go where the prompt leads you, but consider the different perspectives you can take to tell the tale.

photo from the net – oops english error … header should read Chased Case lol
PS this did actually happen to me and was a great motivator to buy a packpack!
a candid confession


  1. Great write from the prompt, Kate! And I like reading more about the stranded suitcase!
    UGH on it really happening to you!

    I was gonna’ share this on your other suitcase post, but didn’t. One time while traveling, we had a suitcase apparently fly off of our car while we were driving late at night. 😦 We thought we had it tied down well. We didn’t know it was gone until we stopped for breakfast. We drove back, many miles, to see if we could find it and never did. All it had in it was clothes…but, it was very expensive just to replace some of the clothes. 😦

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. True story: Few months ago, a guy lost his bag while traveling among the mountains. It contained some very important documents of him, so he uploaded his pledge on social media for the recovery. Within a day or two, he got it back.

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