Familiar Faces

Humpty Dumpty lost his face in that fall
Serves an egg right if he sits on the wall!

Little Bo Peep is still searching for her sheep
While Sleeping Beauty dreams wistfully in her deep sleep

Jack climbed a tall bean stalk
While a dish ran away with a spoon, where’s that fork?

We can all sing twinkle twinkle little star
Would love to ride in chitty chitty bang bang the flying car

Bananas in Pyjamas are an outrageous pair!
Think in reality we would just want to stare.

Little Miss Muffet needs a new lunch
Give that jolly spider something to munch!

Dr Suez wrote cat in the hat
Afraid my rhyme is flatter than that

Familiar faces bring us great joy
So made nursery rhymes my toy!

Writing 201: Poetry 6: Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus


  1. HA!!! ❤ this one, Kate! Excellent, creative, witty, and so much fun! Made me laugh!

    It is a joy to recall those childhood "companions" we adventured with in books! 🙂

    I always wondered if the fork was off with the plate…and the knife was off with a saucer??? 😛

    HUGS!!! 😀

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  2. Good one Kate, you brought a small to my face today, it’s a very gloomy one down here, cold wet and windy. I’m laying on my lounge, trying to do some blogging, ☺️🙄

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  3. So interesting the history behind the nursery rhymes. Almost like the new cartoons that while they entertain children there are some intellectual laughs for adults 😉

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  4. This is really fun, I especailly love the first two lines, “Humpty Dumpty lost his face in that fall, Serves an egg right if he sits on the wall!” great stuff

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