Genuine peace can only come from within
we can rave and rant about war and violence
Check who profits from sales of WMD?
Know that the fodder, people killed, are expendable!
No politician’s children ever join the war cause ..

Who has ever really won a war?
Look closely at history and explore
local citizens, children galore
are the ones harmed, see a flaw!
So why do we start even more?

Do we continue to tie ourselves in knots
or try to calm our angry minds
Look inside to see what you find?
We feel righteous, powerless and unkind.
Healthiest solution is to tame our own mind!

As we become more peaceful and content
empowers us to clearly vent
draws others in and we may score a win
War and DV are a real sin, so let us all begin
to calm ourselves and our kin?

Only then can we know real peace
defence recruit the vulnerable
they and their family are fleeced!
Live by the change you seek to make
then no one can accuse you of being fake!

Written specifically for ‘Poets for Peace’ and published online by Praxis