Our state of health relates to our mind,
reflect on experience see what you find?
If just fallen in love; got a pay rise;
Or won the lottery first prize

We feel ten feet tall and bullet proof!
But if lonely, down and wearing a frown
then flu, headaches and recurring pain
continuously plaque us, becoming a drain.

Any chronic or life threatening illness
is a strong warning for forgiveness
of self and others.

Must watch our mental attitude
To every single thing
As it decides how we react
Creating karma for a fact!

Purification the best remedy,
Or exchanging self for others!
Good to take on their suffering,
give them your love and light.

Try with all your might
For this can indeed help our plight.
Allow our mind/body to fight
until once again we are all right.

Caring for others brings insight,
use it to transform our blight.
It will bring good health,
And ensure our inner wealth!

ccc 24.1.2006