If I hold onto a moment in the past
I know it’s regretfully going to last
But if I forgive with all my heart
The moment has no hold, I can make a new start!

written by Connie, a friend who is interested in computers, singing, rapping and poetry but is too shy to publish on the net.


  1. So true! Forgiveness does more for the person who forgives than it does for the person who is forgiven (even though it is a gift to both.) It allows us to let go of old hurts and move on…

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  2. In my work it is hard to get the message across that forgiveness is for me not the other, th epower is in me to let go of what holds, this is a great piece Connie, and a generous act Kate.

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  3. Oh, please tell Connie this is a beautiful, well written poem! I can relate to it and it was a joy to read!
    Forgiveness can be so difficult, but it always benefits the forgive-r more than it does the forgive-e.
    Thank you for sharing Connie’s poem with us, Kate! You are so kind! 🙂
    HUGS for you and HUGS for Connie! 🙂

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