These birds are chatting
and laughing with glee
humans are so oddly’

Highly amused by us beans
as we saunter and sip tea
dressed in our best finery

They dress in fine feathers
with the odd flea
al la natural their key

We should try it and see
it could be cheap even free
Prefer to be a bird or me?

They flap about in real mirth
as we try to flee
embarrassed, just let us be!

Would you laugh at a bird
coz he differs to we …
so leave them alone by gee!

They can fly in a formation V
skilfully hit us with their pee
and all of this for fun of ye!

word of the day


  1. The two birds on the right could be saying to each other, “Do you realize you’ve only got one leg?”
    I would be asking the same thing if I didn’t know that’s how they rest–on one leg….which makes them the “oddly” one, if you ask me!

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  2. Yay! say it for the birds! It annoys me when folks complain about seagulls stealing our food. Who are we to force our rules onto the animal kingdom? Come to that, how are we better than them? We make the rules, then we break ’em.

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  3. Reminds me of :
    “Birdie, birdie in the sky…
    why’d you do that in my eye…
    Gee I’m glad that cows can’t fly… ”

    When I was in Maui – I never did find the red sand beach that was suppose to be ‘au naturale’
    But then not sure if I’d go that route publicly. 😉

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