Who are YOU?

As I don’t have the tech skills to present an animation but I do have plenty of cute animal photos I decided to create an ‘animal pictorial story’ … please let me know what you think?
Do you try to blend into the background

or spread your wings to try new things

Do you look others squarely in the eye
or are you more shy

Are you smart about lessening your sand [carbon] print

Are you cute and cuddly

or tall and statuesque
or skinny n a bit scary
or hang about in a gang
alert and aware, watching everything

or a lazy loafer, wallowing in the doldrums

or a chirpy cheeky go getter

Which one of these cute critters best describes you? 
Or join in the fun and post a photo of another critter you resemble  more  …


  1. I love your words more than the lovely captures (do not misunderstand me. Your talent with words is incredible).
    Do I need to answer the question, come on you know me 😀

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  2. HA! Love this post, Kate! All of the creatures are great!!! 🙂 And your captions are cool and thought provoking and smile-bringing! 🙂

    That last photo would be me! 😉 I am all 3 of those things (especially cheeky as in playful), and I am also, kind, compassionate, an extrovert who has my quiet-wanna’-be-alone moments, etc. Years ago, a friend described me as a golden retriever who can turn into a mother lion in seconds if anyone is being picked on or treated wrongly.

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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