Warning: this may offend some

Are men really living up to their full potential?

those who society, media, legal system, teachers, family all worship
whose mothers coddle believing that they can do no wrong

who hold most positions of power
who decide which laws to enforce

white entitled men who are constantly deferred to
white entitled men who have broad career choices
white entitled men who are automatically paid more

those who rape, abuse, harass and murder
murder their partner and often their children
children learn from their fathers then copy them …

Are you living up to your full potential …

are you a girl who’s told she can’t make it
or a wife ignored, told she must fake it
are you suppressed by a patriarchal system?
or paid less wages with less career choices
are you beaten or abused, put down or ridiculed

gender bias, societal norms. legal loopholes,
media misrepresentation, education access
all need to change but so does parenting
for these monsters came from families
who accepted such behaviour …

Let’s help each other live to our fullest potential …