Expert Photo Tips

Steven Parish’s top 10 tips for taking wildlife pictures

  1. Know your camera — learn what it can do and how it can amplify your creative voice.
  2. Shoot in the ‘golden hour’ — the hour before and after sunrise and sunset provides the best light for wildlife and wilderness photography.
  3. Watch the weather — overcast days have softer shadows and are good for photographing the bush; sunnier days are better suited to more open environments.
  4. Get down — getting closer to the ground can give your picture a compelling setting and puts you at eye-level with animals.
  5. Always be very quiet and move slowly.
  6. Zoom in and fill the frame with your subject. Focus on the animal’s eyes.
  7. Take a picture immediately and then wait until the animal does something interesting, then take another one!
  8. Play with colour, texture, form, tone and shape — they can enhance the story you tell with your photographs.
  9. Explore the possibilities of editing — it can help your work better reflect your creative goals.
  10. Find your passion — know what story you want to tell with your photography.

Taken from an ABC article
Steve’s own photo using modern tech to create art!
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Plus a taste of an international exhibition in London called Evolving Landscapes


    • Many here on WP are already great photographers but all tips are useful … especially from such an expert!
      His story is amazing and now he is creating artistic masterpieces rather than calendars and cards … just as you are 🙂

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  1. I do enjoy my close up shots. I just took (so not on my pc yet) two photos of two different cardinals in two different pines… from my picture window. Only way to get them was to magnify at full. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing this valuable information, Kate.

    Definitely agree about the eyes being Priority #1.

    For that matter, it applies to human subjects too. So eloquent, so expressive, the eyes often provide a 40-sentence caption for free, without even typing a word!

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