Steven Parish’s top 10 tips for taking wildlife pictures

  1. Know your camera — learn what it can do and how it can amplify your creative voice.
  2. Shoot in the ‘golden hour’ — the hour before and after sunrise and sunset provides the best light for wildlife and wilderness photography.
  3. Watch the weather — overcast days have softer shadows and are good for photographing the bush; sunnier days are better suited to more open environments.
  4. Get down — getting closer to the ground can give your picture a compelling setting and puts you at eye-level with animals.
  5. Always be very quiet and move slowly.
  6. Zoom in and fill the frame with your subject. Focus on the animal’s eyes.
  7. Take a picture immediately and then wait until the animal does something interesting, then take another one!
  8. Play with colour, texture, form, tone and shape — they can enhance the story you tell with your photographs.
  9. Explore the possibilities of editing — it can help your work better reflect your creative goals.
  10. Find your passion — know what story you want to tell with your photography.

Taken from an ABC article
Steve’s own photo using modern tech to create art!
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