A Fence

Many build fences to keep others out … boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.
Others build fences to keep loved ones and livestock in, wandering off considered a sin

Fences are constructed of various materials, some attractive others more practical but their purpose is clear to all. Demarcation their vocational call.

Gates can be kept tightly locked, under guard or opened to those of like mind.
But don’t be fooled by those gates coz some are real unkind!

Some mend fences while others are keen to tear them down.
What are your fences for … solicit smiles or a frown?


Carrot Ranch, July 12, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about a broken fence. You can mend it, leave it, or explain its place in a story. Go where the prompt leads.


  1. I have built a fortress and am putting some holes in, called windows to have a peek out at freedom from time to time.

    Silliness aside, it’s true, fences are important if needed. I am relearning to know when to lower and where to open protective fences when they become prisons they’re never intended to.

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    • well said .. sounds like you are on a real mission and if I can ever help please let me know 🙂
      Good luck … you’re not living if you can’t take some risks …


  2. Excellent!
    Someone told me once that we should NOT take down a fence until we know what is beyond the fence/the reasons it was put up. Living near a ranch with bulls and cows, etc., I like having a fence 😉 , ’cause I don’t want bulls knocking on my back door! HA! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Good fences make for good neighbour’s. This is why those who you love most can hurt you the most coz often there are no fences or fences are made of very delicate material. I say go ahead put up your fences firmly but surely in all the right places, do it as diplomatically as you like but do it…

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    • you make a very crucial point about our vulnerability to close ones and some are not as honest and trustworthy as we imagine so discernment is vital!
      Thanks for contributing!


  4. It reminded me of a very sad turn of events when something happened between me and my beloved neighbor (lol) and i had to build a solid wall fence to keep them away from messing around…it turned out i did the right thing though because we do have to set boundaries and literaly build walls..

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