seeking love and fame

accumulating again

trying to avoid pain

searching for satisfaction

we all have different techniques

while trying to gain the same ends


but until we embrace ourselves fully

faults and all

our mind body connection

address our spiritual needs

have meaningful relationships

pursue our life’s purpose


we need these things fully integrated

then in sincere love we become saturated

we resonate deeply

comfortable with ourselves and others

life flows rather than controls

so know and love yourself


word of the day – integrated


  1. I think you have hit on the reason there are so many unsatisfied, sad people out there who are actually in positions of authority or great success (by the world’s standards). They seek for more materially and seek to be more important and powerful, rather than focusing on love, inner contentment, connection, etc.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • thanks for the link Marius but it’s difficult for me to understand, could you please give me a brief clearer summary so that other readers can share too … thank you.


      • I´m educated to build optimization models. What we understand as “integration” is you solving planed actions in order to integrate yourself. But that is a non-solvable optimization model. Only, you can simulate best behaviour and try out. Factors assumed in the simulation are incomplete. This is why you need to put the integration issue in a dynamic perspective: it´s about people integrating unperfekt acting people – that´s the solution.
        The responsibility for integration lies on both parties, it´s dynamic. The person seeking acceptance, can try out good ideas as good as possible, but the people arround him need to accept his inability to be perfect and just integrate him / her.
        The question is rather: “if I accept all humans, when is it allowed not to accept”, then: “has he / she done fine enough for me to tolerate her / him”. If you select whom you accept, you produce acceptance pressure that can not be fulfilled, because it´s your problem, your feelings that hamper acceptance, not the actions of the person seeking integration. This is why one needs to accept in general – working against prejudice – and deselect well assholes 🙂

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        • great summary thanks, and have you been able to assist many individuals and communities with acceptable integration? You are very right that it must be two sided … I try not to judge but am still discerning 🙂


          • I´m comfortable around migrants and grown up with intercultural friends. My article is quite important for migrants, I think. The german migration debate in maiunstream media is producing lots of problems for migrants. I would love to reach lots of people with my article – I´m sure it would help.
            But it´s not only about migrants, since integration basicly is the need for acceptance – a very human thing. People tend to adept to common “rules” and are used to criticism, they react upon. Knowing you can´t do optimal and in the end get accepted by accepting people rather then “normal” people, well is somehow funny to know – it makes lots of things easier.

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            • yes I agree .. here in Australia we are very multicultural but also not very accepting at the same time … we’ve treated our traditional landowners and refugees shockingly 😦


              • Nationalistic economic attitudes need to get access to ressources via colonialism – this is a historic system. What counts is the moment and future. Today, we´ve other perspectives and chance to behave different. Especially global cooperation for an cooperative world economic framework with the humans in mind would be a relief. If you are interested, you may read under articles -> visions my components for a cooperative world economy for the people.

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