Her fragrant scent lingers leaving wistful taunts of her every dalliance. Giddy from her hedonistic nectar as we greedily exploit all possible liaisons. Elegant spells weave ethereal warmth that sensuously tease our hearts and senses.

She charmingly challenges us to abandon pragmatic views whilst ruthlessly devouring endless hours. Calmly content knowing that we desperately desire her fruitful fountain to reveal, connect, celebrate and sustain.

Power and purpose permeate from her exceptional sublime potency. Flexible diversity and sheer persistence are essential to daringly embrace and expose her profound treasures.

Wooed by her wilful ways we willingly submit for she is our hero, our mistress and our servant. Irreplaceable as her subtle divine presence endows bliss, besots and transforms. She delivers colour, hope and vibrancy whilst gracefully exposing our sensual and societal mores.

Respite from the whirlwind of daily distractions. Work, family, commitments, screens and our meandering minds wait with anticipatory expectation. Distressing to imagine life without her or recall how we coped before intimacy with this revealing saucy seductress.

Too many deprived of meaning and expressive outlet ignorant of her limitless potential for existential growth. That patience, persuasion and interpretation impart complex layers.

Profound enchantment entices unlimited creativity to explode exponentially!


written for a local writers competition: 200 words to include the word “Hope”
… I am describing creativity!