We often overlook obvious love
of close friends and family clan

Exercise our body reasonably well
right diet, sleep, alternative care

Mental stability is an ongoing quest
but when focused we perform our best

Emotional maturity eludes some, others fluctuate
comes from self-knowledge and rational responses

Spiritual nourishment comes from deep within
our own beliefs, ethical choices and genuine care

These are all nourishment for a meaningful life
to pursue our purpose and share our own light

If any are out of balance life becomes a struggle
others feel our angst, we all need a warm cuddle

When aligned we can achieve the most
we are at ease and life will really coast …


  1. I had to get out of preschool teaching when it the law basically forbade teachers to hug their student children.
    Even though that was a different time before Covid – touch is a powerful healing tool.
    I like the clever folks who have come up with alternative ways to allow family to hug, even if plastic is in the way.

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    • We are trying to deal with some local government agencies – they are all shuttered except for emergencies. Folks are now worried about the new strains. Ugh.

      I just read that some apes got Covid from one of their keepers in a zoo (that of course is closed to the public).


  2. You are so right! A balance of concern and care for each of those…our body, mind, emotions, spirit…is so vital And then we have more to give to others who need our encouragement! 🙂
    Oh…I especially love the warm cuddles part!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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