Abundance Galore

Escape from desire and merchandising
know that you already have abundance
This crazy greed for more and better
leaves us wanting, forever dissatisfied

if we can pay the bills,
have sufficient to eat
our health okay
loyal family or friends

What more do you really need
it’s just fancy decoration
excess accumulation
which becomes a burden

always concerned of theft
that friends gather to fleece
when will you understand
we have most of what we need

are you content with what you have
or always grasping at more?


  1. I’m still working at cleaning out my ‘spare’ rooms…
    Two more boxes of books gone, to for my DIL’s school, another for charity. And even some ready for electronic recycling. Got hubby to go through some papers and stuff too. But at least there is just a tad more room on the porch 😉

    Getting rid of ‘things’ can be hard….

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  2. GREAT subject, message and poem, Kate!
    Well…I grew up very poor and what I learned was to be content with having my basic needs met. So as an adult I never needed much to be content. I am so grateful for everything I have. I have so much more than my parents ever had.
    I heard a guy speak once one “Needs, Wants, and Desires”. He explained them all and it was a good speech. For example he said, “We NEED a car to get around to work and back. So a good used car can do the trick. We WANT a brand new car. We desire a Rolls Royce sedan. Ha. He reaffirmed for me that having needs met is a wonderful gift in life. We really can live without the wants and desires.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Yet more and more
    I find of late
    This constant need
    To decorate
    My slow decay
    And speculate
    That I might still
    A better end
    A better fate
    A champagne life
    To celebrate
    I fool myself
    I compensate
    With greed I sadly

    And I should add, for clarification, that the last word is meant figuratively. It is intended to represent a lust for all those little things that have, in the end, no real meaning.

    And a bit of shock value.

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    • oh Oliver Twist … you touched my heart, I love this kid and the show! Guess he had absolutely nothing but persecution by the c’s 😦

      PS appreciate how you keep with your music theme even in comments 🙂

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