Learning to read and write
Established our early literacy
A blessing not available to all
Reading widens our horizons
New skills and more knowledge
Intelligence freely flourishes
Now taken for granted we create
Giving others an insight into our world!

seems that many of my comments are going into others spam .. if you comment here then I usually visit you … so please check your spam? 


  1. So moving. The mere fact that we are reading and writing is a testimony to the privilege we have had in our lives. We will never know just how many Shakespeares, Einsteins etc. the world has lost, owing to illiteracy and poverty!

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  2. Yes! Love this poem!
    We must read and inform ourselves…learn, grow, change….be open to new ideas and old ideas that we haven’t heard before.
    Reading and writing opens new worlds and happiness for people. So, if we can, we should teach other people to read. 🙂
    As a Kindergarten teacher, I loved teaching kids to read and write! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    I will check my spammy Spam folder! I try to check it once in awhile, because at one time WP was putting people’s comments on my site in the Spam folder. Bad WP! 😉

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  3. “seems that many of my comments are going into others spam.” That was happening to my comments on other bloggers’ posts a few weeks ago. I had to open up a help ticket with Akismet asking them to stop marking my comments as spam. They did something to fix the issue, but also told me that I’m writing too many comments, which may have gotten me tagged as a spammer. Can you believe that? Too many comments???

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  4. The blessing not available to all …… Got me thinking . Sometimes these things which are a Normal way of life for us would make so much of a difference in the lives of people who are deprived of it

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