Those who conform, accept societal norm,
follow the rules, seldom question or doubt,
readily swallowing propaganda, fake news,
dumbed down by devices and consumerism.

Some of us deviate from societies ‘norm’
meaning that we don’t blindly conform
averse to being sheeple we make a stand,
checking and daring not to be bland!

Those not conforming are labelled deviants
a derogative term meant to pull them into line.
Blind masses not comfortable with such rebels
cos it confronts their very conservative stance!

Are you a conformist or do you dare to deviate sometimes?


  1. i often scroll down and before the post opens I see some of the words. Well, I saw the word conform. and I thought, stuth Kate is smoking something wierd here, not a word I’d identify with you, glad I read the rest 🙂 wonderful reflection on living outside the norm.

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  2. I am both…maybe a deviant at heart, who has conformed (or maybe the word describing what I did is compromised) when I felt it the right thing to do at the time.
    Oh, sometimes I like to play “devils advocate” just to get a good discussion going.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. I really enjoyed those Blogging Univ courses. Well I consider it a good way to bond as we had to complete assignments together. I’m almost ready to wrap up my day. It is 11:15. I’ll have to delete some tonight. I hate to do that. Good night.

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  4. Most everyone conforms to something or someone. Watch the masses and see how easy it is to get a mob or march going. The non-conformists just conform to ideas they see as “different.” Just witness this string of comments. I’m probably the biggest “conformist” many bloggers know, yet I am the only one who does not claim to be non-conforming or a deviant or “dancing to my own drum.” Calmkate, you always give me new things to think about. You are such a conforming non-conformist and I am such a non-conforming conformist! You are a delight and so nice to everyone! How did we ever meet anyway? I don’t remember. Do you? 😀

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    • lol you’re too kind Oneta … more than two years ago, noticed that you commented on a poem I did in a poetry course when WP used to do things 🙂


  5. The night has come
    It’s getting late
    We won’t waste time
    Or hesitate
    There’s things to do
    That just can’t wait
    Just me and you
    Together, Kate
    Let’s play our game
    Of love and hate
    Let’s do our thing
    Let’s deviate

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