Benefits of Meditation


Regular contemplation will eventually lead to pliancy
of both mind and body … they become more lissome
as our rigid thoughts and patterns gradually dissipate.

Uniting with the universal oneness that embraces all
Our thoughts, creativity and body soften, become lithe.
Gratitude and kindness increase with far less effort.

Improves our physical health in so many ways
anxiety, depression, chronic pain and much more.
We sleep deeper, gives our life purpose and meaning!

word of the day – lissome


  1. I know that you won’t approve of this idea Kate ….. but I was reading about a guy last night (a respectable and respected guy, I hastily add) who began experimenting with LSD and reported, like so many others, that it was a life-changing and positive experience. In order to gain maximum benefit he learned to meditate and I thought you might find the following extract interesting ….. “

    So what was he left with? “A perspective on my ego I didn’t have before, the disinterested, uninvested awareness that I had is, with some effort, available to me in meditation. Then you learn to recognise when your ego is up to its old tricks.” For example? “Well, reacting defensively to something, letting someone get my back up. Now I just think, let it go. I can do that better than I used to.”


    • lol takes you to confuse psychedelic drugs with meditation … his end result was most similar it is about demolishing our ego, having a pause between thoughts to get insight into our behaviours and grow!
      But true meditators don’t muddy the waters with drugs, unless you’re Carlos Castenanda … that was just in the book 🙂


      • Here’s another extract ….

        After taking psilocybin a lifelong smoker reported experiencing “a feeling of connectedness to everything”. He quit smoking, he said, “because I found it irrelevant. Because other things had become so much more important.” A depressive described the experience “as a holiday away from the prison of my brain”


      • nope, first I’ve heard of him … drugs, legal or illegal can clog your chakras so can be quite detrimental and never been my interest 🙂


  2. No no …. what I am telling you is that, right at the moment, my only option in accessing that particular part of myself would be through meditation and NOT medication


  3. Your poem came at a good time for me! Thank you for writing it and sharing it! I will reread it several times so I can focus on it over the next couple weeks.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…those flowers are stunning! 🙂

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