Devices are making us zombies
no longer introvert or gregarious
nor even hilarious …
mindlessly absorbed on devices

Scant face to face communication
less meaningful connections
more angst and anger
nationalism on the rise

Real relationships and community
in flux and disintegrating fast
as we relinquish our power
oblivious to authenticity

As social media blinds us
to those in real life need
constantly fed fake news
lost the ability to discriminate

No longer thinking for ourselves
soul destroying, heart breaking
we all need to wake up
take time out from devices

Learn to listen and interact
question and think things through
check your facts, get smart
listen to your own good heart!

word of the day – gregarious


  1. So true!
    As I’ve shared before, WP is the only social media thing that I do online. I think people think me a dinosaur because I don’t want to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I just enjoy blogging. 🙂
    Ha! I’ve met real zombies 😉 who are more fun than people who have their nose stuck in their phone, or other devices, all the time, always checking all of their social media sites. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Bitter truth.The poem is excellent.Recently I myself realised that social media is engulfing me,so I took a social media detox.And this has given me back my precious time.And now I utilise it for purposeful things😇.

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  3. your opinion here is well stated in prose.
    At first I thought maybe you were being too harsh on social media and possibly missing the connection we still have via online stuff – but then I chilled and realized my head might be in the clouds and there is a lot of truth here

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    • agreed it’s a connection I have on WP but then I ration my time here … others have numerous social media outlets and are quite addicted … in that they don’t know how to take time out until they are forced to by burnout 😦

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      • oh you said that right – burn out is no bueno – and I sometimes have to watch it even with drawing boundaries!! ha
        anyhow, here’s to keeping on finding balance as needed….

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