Reluctant Hero

Fastening that top button on my shirt was a struggle in more ways than one. This was never planned or wanted. Yet Gladys looked so radiant in her outfit, I hadn’t seen that glow since she had the kids.

Knowing how much this meant to her was the boost I needed to continue. The kids couldn’t be here but they would see the video. Expected when they all live in different countries.

Seemed wrong to get an AO just because I did my job. Besides two of our unit didn’t make it home, so the mission wasn’t really successful.

AO = queens award for military service

Carrot Ranch: July 5, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes buttons. You can use the word plural or singular in different expressions, or focus on how buttons relate to a story. Go where the prompt leads.



  1. Kate, your last line gave me both chills and tears. Every soldier who comes home lost someone, and every survivor struggles with the guilt. You express this complexity of the human experience in combat and civilian life so well.

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  2. All the pins that show what we have accomplished can be meaningless if grief is also attached. But like your ‘man’ – others benefit from such presentations.

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