Long-term exposure can have us wishing for the opposite
or wear down sensibility until we become desensitised

Too hot in the sun, we crave for the shade
Sitting too long, we would prefer to stand

Watching so much violence ignites our rage,
harming those we love, sometimes strangers

Find a happier medium, balance is more sensible
Seek out more positive things to do with our time

Turn off the news as it can trigger depression
Porn and violence leads to dismal oppression

The company we keep whether on devices or
in person sets the trend for the energy it evokes

Aggression and violence repels, fear is not healthy
Kind gentleness attracts, makes others comfortable!

word of the day – Exposure


  1. Such important truth! We really do have control over some of things that can cause us strife, so as you said so wisely, we need to control those things and be involved in much better things! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I started watching a show that was to a series I used to watch… but because it was too violent I told my hubby I didn’t want to watch it anymore. I don’t like it when characters who are normally helpful and kind are turned into monsters.

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  3. Truth or dare?


    OK, I enjoy watching the occasional Eastwood or Bond movie. No point in denying it. Hey, I’m a guy.

    Still, much as I enjoy the experience, the soul thirsts for compensation afterwards, maybe in cooking, perhaps in reading, always in Mozart.

    After all, violence’s provocations without a creative antidote in corrosive. Unrelieved, it’s intellectually deadening too, as it limits one’s horizons and gives expression to only the most primitive of impulses.

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