Sea Views

We never know the way or day
That we should leave, go away
We would all prefer to stay
But in that we have no say
We wont know when we will stray

Don’t give yourself a conniption
coz the inevitable will happen
it can’t be avoided or delayed
talk to family and friends about it
be relaxed and ready for your end

word of the day, conniption


  1. Agreed, we don’t control it, though we can influence it. The choices we’ve made, and will make, give us a say.

    The threshold’s exact location always is a ?. Nothing we can do about that, but we can make the journey there as fun as possible,

    Plus, if we’re kind and nurturing, it inspires others to do the same, meaning “we.” those parts of us, are immortal.

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  2. This is fine when one is past certain age.
    Why should a child talk about their death to parents?
    Why would someone in spring years of life think about death?

    Oh dear Kate, let them live their life.

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    • oh it should never be permanently on the agenda but having worked on children’s cancer wards, those kids ‘get it’ well before their poor parents do.

      I am saying it should not be a taboo subject but openly discussed when the subject arises. If it becomes part of our conversations we can conquer the fear that surrounds it.

      Once we have voiced our sentiments or wishes then we can actually live more fully without the silent dread … does that makes sense?

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      • I believe this is something we have to discuss even to the young people..i’ve witnessed really young children dying..and seeing them in their deathbeds made me realized that the idea of living life at the moment as if you are going to the die is not only for the old or matured ones but for the young as well…my youngest daugther’s bestfriend died of cancer..weeks after her death her parents found letters she had written for her family..every one gets a letter and they were all.delighted..but there was one letter she never even got to finish..and even up to now the person to whom that unfinished letter was addressed still wonders….”what could have been written there?..what is it that she’s goin to say should she had stayed a little longer?”….

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