Met this fellow on my weekend walk as he slowly slithered right across the walkway in front of several pedestrians. Slow because his belly was full, see that bulge? He will take about three days to consume his prey with gastric juices so he needed quiet shelter in that long grass.

One Asian couple keen to get back to their car wanted to step over him. I warned that although he seemed lethargic I believed that if anyone tried to step over him he might feel threatened and would be swift to retaliate.

People are enjoying the outdoors much more often and we have infringed on wildlife habitats. So we need to learn to dwell amicably allowing each other respectable space to do what needs to be done. Slither across the walkway to retreat from angry relatives coz we just consumed their son.

The willy wagtail was so tame he posed while I took some great shots, causing skateboarders to remark. Yes wildlife, skateboarders, bikers, walkers, surfers, fishing hopefuls, photographers, families with strollers, motorised buggies all use one wide walkway. Lets do it in a peaceful and respectful manner!