Plethora of Words #chain verse

Wordsmiths have access to a plethora of words

Words which we weave creatively into poems

Poems are our vehicle to articulate meaning

Meaning gives our life worthwhile purpose

Purpose provides a focal point for our effort

Effort is vital for all achievements, our goals

Goals are healthier when aligned to core values

Values guide us as we eliminate use or abuse

Abuse must cease at every possible level

Level heads organically guide our growth

Growth is essential to improve ourselves and our life

Life is awareness of breathing, living in the now

Now is being in the present, confronting gain and pain

Pain is a test teaching us that we can conquer all!


word of the day – thanks Carolyn for showing me this form a couple of hours ago!

poetry form – chain verse


  1. Okay…I just typed this “poem where last word of a line is the same word that begins the next line” and found links to “chain verse poetry”…like this link…

    Their description of the form seems more detailed and requires more than just the last word of a line beginning the next line.

    Another link said this: Chain Verse is one of those forms like the Anacreontic verse that did NOT survive the middle ages. Chain verse has two known forms: (#1) one repeats the last word of a line with the first word of the next line, while the other repeats the last line of each stanza with the first line of the following stanza (#2). The structure is multiple stanzas, primarily quatrains.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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  2. OH! I love this, Kate! GREAT poem!
    Thanks for giving this a whirl!
    I don’t know if this is an actual form of poetry…or it’s name…but, like I shared with you, I just wrote it in that form and enjoyed doing it!
    I guess I should take a poetry class and learn something. Ha. But, I’d rather just write poetry my way and not learn about how deficient my poems are! 😉 *snort* 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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