Pleading ‘guilty’ was inevitable, knew my DNA was all over her. Ice made me do it, I don’t remember much. Know I was rough and she scared shitless. Silly bitch, the more she fought it wound me up and the more agro I got.

Seen it all on the porn sites but no one would comply. Just wanted to try those fantasies whirling about in my head … stick it in every orifice and beat her about the head. Must have lost control coz all the blood shocked me.

Never meant her to die, that’s not a lie. Guess I got carried away. What will mum say?


Where did I go wrong? How did it come to this? Really don’t understand, my son would never do this! Did I give in too much, he always said I was a soft touch.

I never condoned violence but he was immersed in those games, oh the immortal shame 

Maybe if he had had a sister or gone to co-ed school he might have turned out different. Maybe he is brain damaged from all the football he played or the drugs he partied with?

[both so full of self pity that there is no concern for the girl or her family]

Don’t become Notorious for this shameful nonsense!