Mozzies and flies were the main predators in this bogan outback town. Out by the river the mozzies feasted on one especially at night. Most bedroom walls were splattered with small smears of blood as irate would-be sleepers tried wholesale slaughter to stay sane. But still the blighters kept buzzing about one’s head … seemed like for every one dead meant five more came to sup!

Impelled by forty-five degrees each day one had to dispose of compost matter quickly underground or the flies could carry one away. No services were available in this remote town, no garbo to collect our rubbish so frequent trips to the tip our way of life.

Growing our own vegetables ensured flavour and freshness coz by the time the delivery trucks made is across the desert fruit and veg were spoiled. Yet somehow a well refrigerated truck managed to bring a fresh supply of seafood every Thursday without fail. His prices were exorbitant but outback dwellers couldn’t resist this special treat!


Three word challenge: mozzie, garbo, Bogan (mosquito, garbage collector, “uncultured person”) … who could resist such delightful Ozzie prompts!