Magical Mystery



Birth is mystical


life is magical


this is nature’s show right outside my window

Watched his parents build the mud nest 

lay the eggs

the two hatched and chirped for food

this one fell into my lap when he first tried to fly

now he lives in the tree and feasts off what he finds in the yard

Share one of the Mysteries that Life has Offered YOU ?



  1. This is so beautiful kate and emotional too..maybe its just me..i am a mom of four and witnessing my daugthers transforming from being girls to ladies is infact one great miracle for me..i have now a daughter who is an engineer and it amazes me to think how i raised them all so well: grounded….

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    • What a blessing you all are to each other and the world … so one has now graduated 🙂 how delightful!
      Yes these birds are an easy illustration of what parents struggle with for the whole of their life 🙂

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  2. What a lucky bird, to have fallen into your security! The pictures are charming. I guess you knew from the beginning that you were going to have a special relationship. Did the second little one make it?

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  3. Isn’t it wonderful when we get to quietly observe such amazing things?!

    We get quail and dove in our yard. We have watched them raise their babies and we were even fortunate to get to watch the day a set of quail parents helped their babies to fly up to the top of the wall and then off to the other side! Mama Q sat on the ground and encouraged them to fly up to the top of the wall one by one, and Daddy Q sat on the top of the wall and encouraged them to fly down off the wall. When all of the babies were , Daddy flew down on the ground to join them and Mama flew over the wall to join her family. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I think my Chickadees have long since hatched… I hadn’t seen them for awhile. But then just the other day I did see some at the feeder. I wonder if some were the babies?

    Love the view from my window. Though I haven’t had any birdies fall into my lap – what kind of bird is it?

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