Not All is Lost

The company hadn’t ensured that safety was paramount. So sixteen men were trapped underground. Poisonous gas was leaking so nobody could go in or out as the fresh air might trigger an explosion.

Distraught families and first response teams were anxiously waiting above ground. Children were confused not really comprehending the threat. CWA ladies were handing out cups of tea. People were trying to stay positive but the underlying tension caused tears to fall and fears to surface.

They heard a resounding crack followed by a loud heartfelt cheer … the engineers had found a way through, miners saved!


June 21, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about “not all is lost.” It can include recovery from disaster, an unexpected insight after a fall, or however the phrase moves you. Go where the prompt leads.


  1. My late father was a coal miner and was in a number of cave-ins, a couple for more that 48 hours. He described the sheer relief of that moment of breakthrough. Brought back memories of those moments.

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    • thanks Paul, your father was a very brave man … but it also impacts heavily on the families, you would also remember those cave-ins if they were reported …


      • I remember my mother’s tension and worry, the mine staff coming to the house and the telegram boy, lots of tension but for me it was a child’s view, only later did I understand.

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