The drunk fishermen had started out five hours before but were so stonkered they’d lost an oar. With a huge storm brewing they were about to be washed out to sea but were too drunk to comprehend their imminent danger.

Once out to sea a marine rescue would not be possible for hours due to the shocking weather conditions. So the little girl who summed up the situation ran to the nearby caravan park for help.

Nobody could get a boat into the river quick enough. So the only chance for survival was to make a human chain to catch the boat just before it floated past the headland. This put 23 people’s lives at risk to save two drunken idiots.

Once safely on land they immediately headed to the bowls club to have a few more drinks to recover from their shock. The local rag wrote them up as heroes never mentioning the holidaymakers who’d risked their lives to save a couple of drunks …

written for Sunday Prompt: Watery Things