Party Police

The strangers with her on the rooftop paused in unison.

The guardia had arrived in full uniform clutching their submachine guns, the party so loud many must have complained.

Sangria flowed freely as the ingredients were supplied by our bosses. As extras on an epic movie we were many nationalities. Unknown to each other as they took any travellers speaking English, French or Italian so that we could follow their orders shouted over a megaphone.

We wore smelly old Arabic clothes for this epic saga being filmed in the Morrocan desert just outside Marrakesh. Our promised payment was accommodation and food … which translated to this one old building where we crammed several in each bed. The food an allowance paid to our Spanish keepers who kept us in sangria and paella.

An adventure none of us would ever forget … nor those guards who’d set down their guns, loosened their collars and were now partying just as hard as us!

mindlovemisery first line challenge


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