Life is always full of possibilities
every person, every situation,
is an opportunity just waiting!

If we are prepared to take the risk
for life is ours to be well explored
seize every opportunity to enjoy!

We choose the option we prefer
and then wear the consequences
but there is a possibility to change

But know that every kindness
brings joy and love to many
Harm causes damage, so beware

Choose the wiser possibility
leave violence well alone!
Share your love, radiate joy

Gives life purpose and meaning!



  1. LOVE this, Kate!
    I know people who are waiting for opportunity to land in their lap and are waiting for others to tell them what option they should chose, etc. You remind us WE ARE an opportunity and WE HAVE options to make opportunities happen!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I totally agree to “Gives life purpose and meaning!”
    I feel sad when I see people living in comforting cocoons. They do not like to talk about present day situations.

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  3. Making the right choice can be hard when there are so many conflicting options out there. Love the positivity in your poem.


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