Scrabble Squabble

Scrabble is our family game
it’s our favourite game to play
Swivel base for the board,
loose bag holds the letters,
a specific scrabble dictionary,
cheat sheets for smaller words

Usually slow relaxed games
as we read between our turns
two are usually the clear winners
as they monopolise the scores
hogging the triple letter squares
scoring fifty for using all letters!

Whoops … the prompt was Squabble

Children squabble in the playground over petty little things
but some adults also like to squabble often with their partner
Squabbles are so childish and such a waste of energy!

Discussion or debate preferable as each listen to the other
then genuinely communicate about the actual issues
This is a mature and constructive connection, respectful!

So if you hear a squabble whatever the squabbler’s age
break it up with humorous distraction, try an awful joke
don’t take sides or get agro, disdain is all it deserves!

Scrabble is the better game, leave squabbles alone!


  1. My families have never been the squabbling type. I am the youngest of my parent’s children and, apparently, have been treated like some sort of sacred artefact. People have deliberately lost games against me rather than upset this idiotic arrangement and so I have come to accept that winning is something of a birth rite.

    BUT ….

    ….. my youngest son is given no such latitude. As a 7 or 8 year old he became obsessed with Monopoly …. and we all took great joy in watching him build his empire with the intention of inflating his ego to the extent that he would make some sort of financially suicidal decision. Upon which we would all pounce.
    It was only a matter of time before he would upend the board, leaving the bits scattered all over the lounge room, and storm off to bed.
    Oh, how we laughed!
    Lest you use this information to justify your view that I am a lousy father I would like to stress that he and I (and his older brother) are as close as any humans can be. We still joke about such matters on an almost daily basis.

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  2. Haha..what a take you made it so funny to read when you started with scrabble and gave a twist in the middle.Loved your take with both the words. Scrabble is our family game too but I played a lot MOnopoly while growing up.

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    • That was many years ago and we haven’t played with that person since. We played often for many many years and kept a record of the results of each game played. Now we play digitally with Words with Friends. 🙂

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