We hear of hoax bomb threats
that knowingly scare so many
emergency personal on high alert
panic to cause maximum fear …

More irreversible damage is created
when we hoax ourselves that things
are as we wish, denying the reality
Deluding ourselves is a waste of life!

Pause to try and see the bigger picture
rather than weaving foolish fantasies
It takes real courage to face reality
which we’ve habitually avoided so long!

Acknowledge every hardship
as an opportunity to learn and grow
Be assertive rather than aggressive
Be wise and kind when confronting

For clarification and communication
ensure more meaningful connections
remain balanced and well grounded
for hoaxes vex like casting a hex ….

Simplify with direct sincere honesty
Denial and avoidance are obtuse
Clarify rather than confound
to live with fully enhanced senses!

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