Women have been suppressed too long
weighed down by a misogynist society
Too few lawmakers, only token respect
Lower wages, little superannuation
Work harder and longer, cook and clean
Unable to walk about safely, blamed for
every little thing that happens to them …
Bear children and the brunt of men’s
complaints and anger … raped, murdered

Buried deep under arid rocky punches
words and well being constantly ignored
chained to the sink, appalled and appeasing

Only a major shift in male attitudes
can assure their mothers, sisters,
wives and daughters can live safe and well
Society needs to establish genuine equality
Start frank open discussion to ensure their
safety and real respect … Women need to
support and care for each other, call out
every abuse and put down so they can
travel and wear without taking special care

Equal share of home duties and child care
with reasonable income and security
without male dominance being inflicted


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/photo-challenge-219/ – the most recent rape and murder in Australia – photo by Enzzo Barrena