Battered and Buried

Women have been suppressed too long
weighed down by a misogynist society
Too few lawmakers, only token respect
Lower wages, little superannuation
Work harder and longer, cook and clean
Unable to walk about safely, blamed for
every little thing that happens to them …
Bear children and the brunt of men’s
complaints and anger … raped, murdered

Buried deep under arid rocky punches
words and well being constantly ignored
chained to the sink, appalled and appeasing

Only a major shift in male attitudes
can assure their mothers, sisters,
wives and daughters can live safe and well
Society needs to establish genuine equality
Start frank open discussion to ensure their
safety and real respect … Women need to
support and care for each other, call out
every abuse and put down so they can
travel and wear without taking special care

Equal share of home duties and child care
with reasonable income and security
without male dominance being inflicted


Written for: – the most recent rape and murder in Australia – photo by Enzzo Barrena



  1. I had high hopes in the 70s, revisited high hopes in the 80s, 90s, still have hope, not so high, that we might get to the point that everyone is safe wherever they are. Just thinking about the woman killed only a few days ago, heart breaking.

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  2. I love the underlying emotion. As our society is a balanced mix of men and women so any change can only be well executed if it is being embraced by both the gender. I recently read an interview
    where they said the #Metoo movement in about alienating men but to get their support and understanding so that it can be executed in its wholeness.

    Very strong post, Kate.

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  3. So important! So true! So timely! So necessary! Thank you, Kate!

    Women need to support and help other women…

    but I’m afraid if good men don’t stand up, speak up, and speak to their male friends, male coworkers, and male acquaintances about all of this, nothing will change. 😦 If good men would hold other men accountable, etc., things could change. Something as a simple as good men not letting other men get away with “boys will be boys” jokes, sexual comments about women, groping, and so much more, maybe things could change.

    I just don’t get it…as all men had a mother, and most men have sisters, aunts, daughters, wives…where are the men standing up for the females in their lives?!?!

    And society sends such confusing messages to children on all of this…so how are they (boys and girls) supposed to know how to be respectful, kind, honorable, etc. ???


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    • wow well said Carolyn! What a precious and clear comment, that is the solution … do pray that men read this … they have to turn this around for their mothers, wives and daughters 🙂

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      • Thank you. Sorry my comment is so long. But, you always get me thinking and this subject is one of my soapbox issues that fires me up. I really do believe as long as good men keep quiet, females (even the females in their lives) will continue to be used, abused, traumatized, and even killed. 😦 All of this just breaks my heart! 😦

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    • How interesting, your link worked but I couldn’t find the documentary … probably wont allow it to be viewed overseas … will keep looking, thanks!


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