When life drags us through the wringer
our attitude is mirrored in our reactions
which in turn impacts on our own health

Use the lamp of wisdom to light your way
Know that you have the inner resilience
things will change, you can cope, just float

Have a swag of supports to stay sane
which can include people to confide in
or activities or scenery that relaxes us

Make a list of your coping techniques
to revisit whenever things get tough
coz thought processes jumble enough

Watch an outrageous comedy to laugh
Get outdoors and wallow in nature
Gratitude really improves our attitude

Treat yourself to a luscious hot bath
Tune into mellow music that calms you
Clean out the cupboards, go for a walk

Meet a mate for a chat, dine out in style
do things that make life more worthwhile
Nurture yourself to ensure good health!

What do you do to ensure your health?

Use this photo as a prompt for your own photos or creativity …


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