The world is ours to trash or treasure …


we all have choices

to grow our own veggies

be kind to one another

give our time and skills

use public transport or cycle

have a meaningful life

buy less, waste less

embrace diversity

stop using plastic

eat less meat


  1. I like to do my bit. I have solar panels on my roof, several water butts on my shed and greenhouse. I have my own hens so I know my eggs are free range and they have a lovely life. I recycle when I can, but often reuse, which is better than recycling. I prefer Glass to plastic because glass can be used over and over and over again (which I do) and never wears out or leaches chemicals or ends up in fish and seabirds stomachs.

    Doing my bit. 🙂

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  2. We all make choices
    Mine aren’t smart
    But they satisfy whims
    And come from the heart
    If I have any talent
    It’s something I waste
    What I consume is
    Based on taste
    I accumulate garbage
    Pollute the water
    And refuse to follow
    The rules of my daughter

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