When life’s so busy you feel frazzled and fried

Realise that it’s your responsibility to get untied


Find your solution to relax and unwind

Meditation is great to calm the mind


Some chill out to music, gardening or cooking

Shopping, reading, blogging or thread hooking


Find your escape, your balm to stay calm

For frying and frazzling sets off inner alarm


We all need balance, a place to retreat

Without it we wont be spiritually complete


Word Prompt for Dee


  1. Wisdom we all need! And gonna’ work some fun into my chores this whee-kend! I like when the weekend is WHEE fun!!! 😀

    Ha! I have a friend who knits when she is stressed. One weekend she made enough mittens for all of her family and all of her friends! Knit knit knit knit! Her fingers were flying! 😉

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Hi kate…its been a while..really busy..and when i decided to check on WP wow..amazing i found your poem of finding balance and learning to relax..
    Yeahh i need that now..

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  3. Great advice, Kate, particularly as you mention quite a few different means of decompression.

    This – commenting, blogging, and the cooking that inspires it – is my tonic. Got home pretty stressed today (bad day at the office), though making my salad for tomorrow helped. Catching up on sites I follow, then updating my own journal, will complete the recovery.

    By the time I turn in tonight, falling asleep quickly shouldn’t be a problem.

    Thanks for being part of the solution, the miracle cure, Kate!

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