A collection of the signs I’ve spied …

Photo Prompt


  1. I always wondered why they posted Wrong Way signs several miles into the road you weren’t supposed to be on. You’d think they would be posted before one had the chance to enter the roadway?

    We’ve got a local barber whose got a sign that says ; I need your head in my business!

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  2. Your own street, Kate? Marvelous.. How long before it’s the town, then the state…

    Eventually, I’ll spin the globe to find, just northwest of New Zealand, the vast nation of “Kate.”

    Reminds me…I recently spotted a sign stapled to a telephone pole, “I Sell Homes.”

    “Not attached to that pole, you don’t” I thought with some sympathy.

    Another time, a sign was taped to a maple. “Barber School?” it read.

    “No,” I offered, “That’s called a ‘tree.'”

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    • lol Kate Street was around the corner from me and I couldn’t resist the sign with my name on it 🙂
      The sex party dissolved, didn’t hear they got any seats but again the sign was too much to just walk past 🙂

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  3. Wonderful, thank you Kate.
    And I remember a newspaper survey report when I was living in London. To test the sign recognition skills, the paper asked readers to take a traffic sign survey. There was a picture of a frog and over 80% answered with ‘French restaurant ahead’ while the warning sign was ‘migratory toads may cross the road, drive carefully’ 😊

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