Life runs smoother if we can negotiate
Compromise allows everyone a win-win

Find common ground then work from there
be sure to share as equally as possible

Mutual respect, kind words, frank discussion
a genuine attempt to support, always be fair

For when we become fundamental or rigid
we loose the flexibility and our balance

If our outlook is open, diverse and accepting
we have more skills to navigate darker times

Do you negotiate well to resolve arguments,
or demand your way or cave in every time

Communication is key to set each other free
Do a workshop or YouTube it, learn it now!

daily word prompt


  1. I took your mummy on a date
    I told her it was getting late
    ‘Twas her idea to copulate
    She told me that she couldn’t wait

    Who knew what we would generate?
    And nine months later celebrate?
    A girl who wishes, just of late
    My will to renegotiate

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  2. Sometimes when others tempers flare it is best to walk away…
    It is always a pleasure to just be able to talk with respect as a natural tool.
    I think some people can tell when they are dealing with someone who is emotionally distraught that winning isn’t goal. I know many people who talk softly but command attention. They are true leaders. Yelling is only needed as a warning to draw attention to danger.
    Loud laughter is also acceptable when the joke is shareable and not a sneer.

    May we all learn to listen and think more before we speak. 🙂

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  3. I always tell my children..if they need or want something they just have to tell me if i am capable of giving it and its reasonable then we go ahead …otherwisr we compromise ..what matters most is i give them the avenue to lay down their cards..the same goes with everyone around me..of course there would always be the pain in the … but still i try to listen..

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  4. Agreed, particularly as you take care to make an important distinction, Kate, namely, that a “frank discussion” is a necessary part of this. Compromise is the only way in general, though not on one’s principles. In fact, explaining your ideals often impresses “the other” at how much of an effort you’re making to find agreement.

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