Mangroves house eco-diversity

crabs crawling, birds breeding, fish feeding,

lizards lazing, worms wriggling,

growth in mud for all of the above!







Mangrove is my photo, crab from …


  1. Perhaps key to mangroves’ importance is their vitality. Even when everything’s functioning as it should (and usually, it isn’t) mangroves must deal with daily extremes- from submerged, to high and dry. Not to mention wildly fluctuating salinity.

    No wonder they’re among the most crucial of ecosystems.

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    • they are indeed vital filters that need to be preserved … I have found so many more and can feel the crabs and fish bang against my legs when the tide changes as I wander about them 🙂

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  2. We have an area back home with full.of mangroves..when it slowly died, the locals turned it into a tourist destination by putting up local restaurants and bamboo walkbridge…entrance fee is used to maintaine and rehabilitate the area…and so far it is doing pretty well now…
    Thanks for sharing this kate it reminds me of that beautiful place back home..

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  3. I am a member of a Danish NGO called “Grow for It” ( where we plant trees to become co2 neutral. We also replant mangroves in Vietnam, where they were removed for shrimp farms. A tragedy… which we hope can be reversed.

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