Young people should go gallivanting
during gap year or before they settle

It’s the best way to see the world
and experience all it has to offer

Tasting various cultures, creeds and food
will open your heart, enhance your mood

Emotional maturity a real bonus
as you adapt and share with others

Or cycle around your own country or locale
tramp across the hills, roam where you will

Explore and wonder, live in the moment
self growth and connections in real life!

Devices can be useful but never a substitute
for travel and face to face communication.
word prompt


  1. Certainly, Kate, young people should explore. “Youth,” of course, referring more to one’s spiritual agility than to his/her temporal age.

    After all, curiosity and the interaction it brings provides more vigor than does most anything else.

    While taking a gap year is wonderful in theory, it usually isn’t a practical option for most. Fortunately, gallivanting isn’t a 100%/0% deal. One may be unable to dedicate a year just to taking in the world, though it doesn’t preclude expeditions here and there. Keep that curiosity sharpened and in use – it’ll animate you later on!

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    • many here have to work part time while at school so do have the possibility to save their fares in order to volunteer abroad where their food and accom are provided for labour. For others it may mean trying a few basic jobs and cycling around locally. Either will broaden the mind and confirm their resolution to study 🙂

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  2. Not all have the opportunity to take a gap year. I’m lucky though that I’ve gotten to travel to a few countries with my hubby and different US towns too. I like the ones that I can walk to most anything. I’ve been known to walk over ten miles in a day while exploring 🙂

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      • I was in one place where the hill didn’t match up with the way the city wanted the cross roads to go so there were 7 or so odd stair cases in the city. There was a slight mention in some paperwork… I ended up find them all and took my info to the little local history office – thought it would make a good addition for other exploring visitors.

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  3. So true! 🙂
    And, like you, I think devices can keep people from doing more important things…things that are better for their body, mind, heart and soul! 🙂
    “gallivanting” is such a fun word! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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