In retrospect participating in daily prompts and weekly photo challenges developed a blogging routine and a meaningful connection to like-minded bloggers! Which I have thoroughly enjoyed and may even have sparked others to also contribute.

It gave a ready pool to sample three new – new to me, not necessarily new to blogging – blogs most days. Was always impressed with the huge range of responses we gave to the same prompt. Some were literal, most creative, some utilised it to convey a core message. All were well worth reading and I have absolutely no idea how we can replicate this through the reader or personal blogs …

Friends I made through this inspired me to start flash fiction as poetry and photography were already a passion. So extending myself was fun. My most popular posts were the photo challenges as I liked to team them up with a poem or few lines. My daily prompts varied greatly but poetry is still my favourite. 

Years ago I used to be very active on TED Conversations … their archive has now completely vanished, replaced by glossy long posts on which are one persons rant. They forced us to move on when this amazing community interaction platform folded. They claimed that they were just upgrading the system and would return bigger and better … it never happened!

Don’t recall listening to a TED Talk since, have recommended a few of their special ones but have only just gone there now in order to write this … it left me cold.

Will wordpress return with something better? Maybe just another version of glossy one person rants. Pray that this free platform survives but there is certainly a push to upgrade to premium. No idea how it survives on a free basis but advertising would help.

So in reflection doubt that my poetry, prose or photography have really improved although it’s been an amazing ride to share with so many kind and encouraging people. Very different from other social media from what I hear but I don’t go there!

The bonuses I’ve got out of blogging here is the warm friendship and encouragement of so many. An introduction to the world of flash fiction, let’s pray that wordpress can survive the killing of its community connection …

Thank you wordpress team, engineers and all who run this fabulous platform … I could not have done this without your hard work. Thank you friends, followers, readers and fellow bloggers at every possible level … this is our final daily prompt and life will continue but very differently!

DP: Retrospective