Our legal system is the greatest juxtaposition ever known:
Claims it seeks/enforces justice which is seldom the outcome …

innocent people goaled, beaten or killed

rape victims crucified while rapists go free

refugees drown or dumped in abusive camps

overlooked abuse in families inflame 

wages and women continuously oppressed

taxes rigged for the wealthy, poor pay more

wars started using false propaganda

paramedics beaten for doing their job

children returned to abusive homes

elder abuse by greedy relatives/carers

tenants abused by wealthy landlords

criminals get off on technical glitches

underpaid employees treated as slaves

white collar crimes seldom addressed

scammers continue to feather their nest

bullying overlooked perpetuates violence

politicians amass great wealth

animal factories fed hormones

live exports die en-route

… please feel free to add your own?
there is NO Justice in our Legal system!


DP: Juxtapose