daily prompt doppelganger

With WP daily posts and weekly photo challenges about to die
We need an urgent doppelganger for community to be vie

So much said but no substantial reason why
this vital community hub is about to be nigh

Many followers seldom read or comment, sigh
mere spectators who don’t participate just spy

Community hub is great to connect, learn and try
has given me nearly 4.5 thousand referrals, my my!

I’m very sad to see the passing of our WP SOUL, good bye!
With sincere fear of a viable means to connect and learn to fly?

DP: Doppelgänger


  1. I would hate to see WP go the way of so many long-lost blogging sites. 😦
    Especially sad if the photo challenges are ending! I enjoy seeing them and reading them.

    Hope some new life is breath-ed into WP soon!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…there are so many wonderful people here on WP!

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    • I’ve seen this happen before … it basically kills of community, that’s why I’m shouting loudly now … how else can we find and connect with new bloggers, it’s easy to become insulated with those we already know and read 😦

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